Hi! My name is Aakash Lakshmanan and I study physics in the University of Oxford. That’s me on my first day below!


Let me tell you a little about this site.

I love math and physics and, as a result, go through a lot of sites, courses, books, and other material to learn about it. On the way, I find a lot of really interesting stuff that I think people should know about so I take the time to put it on this site and share it with everyone else. I make sure to post the original source of the information whether it’s a site or book on the bottom of each article and have entire pages dedicated to the best of them. Soon, I will be posting some of my own research and ideas on the site as well. In short, the site is basically a compilation of a lot of physics and math that I enjoy.

Below is a picture of my admittedly small library thus far (the three thick bounded books on the left are Halliday-Resnick Fundamentals of Physics). They are, for the most part, my favorite books.


In the end, I just wanted a place to put everything that I learned so I don’t forget and there seemed to be no better spot (I would also like to add that writing thoughts down in this fashion significantly improves your understanding of the material so this is highly recommended). So enjoy and hopefully, you’ll learn and/or find something new. 🙂

If you find something really awesome you want to discuss or just want to contact me for whatever reason, you can email me at aakash.lakshmanan@balliol.ox.ac.uk

Here is a picture I found on the Oatmeal to make you happy (it’s a physics joke). 😀

Also, a highly recommended video:

One thought on “About

  1. Its individuals like you that inspire others to be great! The creation of this website is a true attestation that your passion and love for math/physics comes straight from the heart. Stay hungry for knowledge my friend. Its a beautiful thing.

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